How Seann Walsh survived very public downfall – from joking about kiss to drastic makeover

Seann Walsh recently said that he hopes his stint on I’m A Celebrity will change public opinion following the ‘Strictly kiss’ scandal that affected his life and career back in 2018.

The comedian, now 36, appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in 2018 and was partnered with dancer Katya Jones, now 33. The pair became embroiled in controversy.

They were photographed kissing each other on a night out whilst working together, despite both being in relationships with other people. It made headlines at the time.

The story prompted a backlash and they both apologised at the time for their behaviour. Seann later added during a TV interview : “I will always be sorry about what I did.”

Following the scandal, Seann’s relationship with actor Rebecca Humphries, 35, ended. He’s said it also affected his career, once saying: “I lost a lot personally and job wise.”

He has since tried to move forward from the scandal, having responded to the situation in various ways. This has included changing his lifestyle and joking about it.

Seann hasn’t shied away from referencing the scandal in his comedy. He even named a stand-up special Kiss in 2019, which saw him discuss the fall-out from it.

He explained at the time that it was “like a diary entry”. He told iNews : “I wanted a log of this crazy thing that happened in my life, it’s sort of like a diary entry”.

One of the jokes that featured in the comedy show included the line: “Only I could go on Strictly Come Dancing and come out the most hated comedian in the country”.

He has also referenced the controversy in other projects, including skits on his YouTube channel.

Seann has spoken about the impact of the scandal in the past, saying that it prompted panic attacks. He once recalled having to lie down in the street due to such an issue.

He discussed his health on the Take Flight podcast last year. Seann suggested that medication and exercise were among the coping mechanisms he had dealing with the fallout.

The comedian explained: “I’m on anti-anxiety, anti-depression, it’s called Sertraline.” He further commented on the podcast: “For me exercise is what helps me.”

Seann also discussed his lifestyle on the Success Won’t Come Calling podcast last year. He said that he’d been advised to “be good” to himself by pals after the scandal.

He suggested that as a result of such advice he had stopped drinking, taken up running and began eating better. He said that he had also started having therapy.

During his interview with iNews earlier this year, it was stated that Seann had been sober since around the time of the scandal. It’s reported that he now drinks green tea.

Cutting his hair
It isn’t just lifestyle changes that Seann has undergone in recent years since the scandal though. The comedian has also experienced a bit of a physical transformation too.

He has ditched his signature curly blonde hair for a shorter style and I’m a Celebrity fans have even said that they didn’t recognise him at first before of his more recent hairstyle.

Seann had previously dismissed the idea of getting a shorter hairstyle, saying whilst he was on Strictly that he had a negative experience with such when he was younger.