Inside the UK’s most luxurious campsite with its own pub and stargazing tents

The UK’s most luxurious campsite has its own private pub and tents with see-through ceilings so campers can gaze up at the glorious night’s sky.

Camp Kátur in Kirklington, North Yorkshire has been voted the best glampsite in the country in the AA Campsite of the Year awards.

During the pandemic it doubled in size on the 300 acre estate it sits on, yet its 31 bell, safari and completely translucent tents, as well as 15 hot tubs, retain a secluded, private feel.

What really sets Kátur apart from other campsites is the stars that twinkle above it, un-dimmed by lights in a manner that has won two surrounding areas Dark Sky status.

In terms of creature comforts, all tents are en-suite and have wood burning stoves to keep occupants warm during the cold Yorkshire nights.

To warm up even more, there is an onsite eco spa with a sauna and hot tub fuelled by a wood fire.

If that doesn’t manage to banish the chill, then a couple of pints or a whisky at the side of the Hebridean pub is sure to do the trick.

Kátur also has an environmental focus and embraces upcycling, including fire pits created from washing machine drums and galvanised bucket washbasins

To keep both children and adults entertained, a bush craft team is on hand to teach wild cooking, foraging and den building.

Ross Hocking, general manager of the site, told The Mirror: “It has been deliberately spaced to give people far more room than the average camping site.

“All the tents are nicely spread and all orientated to take advantage of every aspect of the views.

“Some of them have clear ceilings so you can see the stars. The skies are something to behold.”

Ross said that the lockdown period had seen the estate owners transform what had been a relatively compact site of canvas tents with a “small tribal following” into a 31 unit site of “high-end, bespoke luxury accommodation”.

The sleeping arrangement is quality enough that around 15 couples choose to stay at the campsite and get married in Kátur’s woodland chapel each year.

The AA’s inspector wrote: “Located within The Camp Estate, Camp Kátur is a unique glamping destination with a choice of glamping units set in meadowland or wooded areas; it has ‘Dark Sky’ status, so guests can enjoy beautiful starry skies at night.

“All the units are spaced well apart ensuring optimum privacy, and all have the benefit of fire pits, barbecues and outside seating areas.”